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Sigit Prayogo

Hello internet, my name is Sigit Prayogo, an ordinary boy that don't have any special thing who live at nowhere with bad internet connection. I was born on January 10th 2003, at a small village called Bojong that located at Cilacap Regency, Central Java, Indonesia. I don't have so much friends so I hope that you can be my friend.

I graduated from highschool at 2020, yeh I'm a COVID generation they said. Currently i'm working as digital data operator in Cirebon, West Java. I still try to find a career that fit with me though.

My hobby is listening to music, watching movie or anime, and playing some game. I listen to all kind of music but my favorite genre was pop punk and emo punk, let me tell you that my favourite movie is Interstellar, go watch it, it's always worth your time.

So, I made this Blog to pour all my ideas and anxious kind of think so that internet could know what's in my  mind. Nothing important in this blog, but i hope that you guys could gain some insight by reading things that I wrote.

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  • ngab
    11 Januari 2021 pukul 15.19
    udah gila boy
  • Unknown
    12 September 2020 pukul 10.58
    Good boyyy